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I live in Hatboro, PA with my wife, toddler son, and cat. This journal functions as both a diary and a blog for my various interests. Out of courtesy, I use cuts for long entries. I'm always welcome to making new LJ friends, so feel free to drop me a note.

a split-second, albert bierstadt, alessandro alessandroni, alessandro magnasco, alpha flight, american art, american history, american landscape painting, armando trovaioli, art institute of chicago, art museums, asher brown durand, astronomy, b-movies, bear family records, bigod 20, bill mantlo, bruno nicolai, cabaret voltaire, captain marvel, carlo crivelli, carpenter brut, chris claremont, cityscapes, crippled dick hot wax, dancing, decoded feedback, die form, die warzau, doctor strange, duvel, easy tempo, edwin austin abbey, einstürzende neubauten, elihu vedder, ennio morricone, erwin halletz, fantastic four, foetus, franco micalizzi, freddie francis, frederic edwin church, front 242, front line assembly, fujifilm, geology, gerhard heinz, gert wilden, goa trance, goblin, goth, grimes, hammer horror films, hans-martin majewski, haujobb, hudson river school, in strict confidence, industrial music, isabella stewart gardner museum, jean-françois millet, jean-léon gérôme, john peto, kazar the savage, large format photography, leaether strip, lords of acid, lush, machines of loving grace, marc almond, mario bava, mario nascimbene, martin böttcher, marvel comics, meat beat manifesto, mentallo and the fixer, micronauts, midnite movies, mustard, national geographic magazine, new beat, new mutants, nico fidenco, nitzer ebb, perturbator, peter cushing, peter rothermel, peter thomas, piero piccioni, piero umiliani, pop will eat itself, project pitchfork, public image limited, pulp, queen, ralph blakelock, ray harryhausen, riz ortolani, robert henri, rom spaceknight, roxy music, rush, silver surfer, sister machine gun, skinny puppy, soft cell, solar system scope, spahn ranch, stelvio cipriani, still life photography, tactical sekt, terence fisher, test dept, the champions, the defenders, the monkees, the rolling stones, the velvet underground, the ventures, the who, thomas cole, thomas wilmer dewing, tonalism, universal horror films, vincent price, wax trax!, william harnett, william merritt chase, william trost richards, x marks the pedwalk, x-men

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