R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Albert Roosenboom - After the Party

Belgian painter Albert Roosenboom supplies this eye-opening artwork for the final entry of my three-month-long “Before and After the Ball” series.

What can one say? When the adults are away, the children will play, perhaps also get into some mischief. I would imagine the grown-up party-goers left their cigars and alcohol sitting out on the table, so these two kids simply helped themselves. I’m going to guess that Roosenboom intended this scene to come across as whimsical, however, modern viewers, particularly those of a Puritan mindset, would obviously be more critical, perhaps even shaming the artist for this display or deeming the adults completely irresponsible for leaving such favors accessible to the children.
Tags: before and after the ball may 2018
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