R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Marcello Giombini - La bestia nello spazio (1980) and Occhi dalle stelle (1978)

Tonight I will share two sequences taken from film scores by Italian composer Marcello Giombini, who worked primarily in the sci-fi and spaghetti western genres.

I'll start his with fantastic score of the sleazy, sci-fi film 'La bestia nello spazio', also known as 'Beast of Space'. The below selection is a good overall representation of the music, however my favorite sequences take a turn into funk territory, breaking out some shameless grooves.

La bestia nello spazio - Main Sequence

NSFW insert behind the cut!

I've also included a piece taken from his score for the 1978 film 'Occhi dalle stelle', also known as 'Eyes Behind the Stars'. Eerie music! To the best of my knowledge, the soundtrack has yet to be released on CD.

Occhi dalle stelle
Tags: spaced out may 2018
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