R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Max Beckmann - Before the Masked Ball

21 Max Beckmann - Before the Masked Ball.jpg

Today's "Ball" selection is by German painter Max Beckmann, who worked in a style identified as Expressionism. This scene depicts six figures, some appearing to be performers, gathered in a small, unusual interior resembling a home. Despite their close proximity, each figure is preoccupied with their own seperate activity, seemingly oblivious to everyone else, as if they're absorbed in their own individual worlds. Some might wonder if these six characters are comfortably sharing this space as friends, or if they're complete strangers who are either frightfully shy or feel no urge to interact. Either way, whatever their relationship, they seem to exhibit a shared emptiness about them.

I love Beckmann's presentation of this scene, providing a high vantage point that offers a downward view of the subjects. One would think they were on display, like animals at the zoo, primed for our study and observation.
Tags: before and after the ball may 2018
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