R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Charles-Édouard Boutibonne - Getting Dressed (1869)

In tonight’s “Ball” selection is by French painter Charles-Édouard Boutibonne, we observe two women preparing for an unspecified engagement, though I believe it’s safe to assume they’ll be attending a party during the evening hours.

I love the contrast of expressions between these two subjects. The woman in blue, slipping on her glove while examining herself in the mirror, seems unsatisfied, if not also somewhat melancholy. Perhaps some drama awaits her at the party, or maybe she’s simply uncertain about what she wants to wear. On the other hand, the woman in the yellow, seated comfortably while viewing her friend’s reflection, appears pleased with what she sees, and I’d imagine she’s offering some words of encouragement. “Yes, you look absolutely amazing in that dress! You’ll turn heads every which way! Now please, can we finish up and go now?”

On an added note, I love Boutibonne’s use of lighting, which commands the viewer’s attention to this otherwise mundane episode. Out of the many details throughout the scene, what stands out to me are the designs used for the wallpaper and rug. Really nice display of color.
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