R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Jose Garcia y Ramos - End of the Ball

Today I am delighted to share a work Spanish painter Jose Garcia y Ramos. This crowded scene, depicting patrons exiting a ballroom venue, recalls another work by Ramos, “Leaving the Masked Ball”, which I featured as part of last month's series. https://againstathorn.livejournal.com/670102.html

Comparing the two paintings, today's work features less of the street, however it offers a better view of the venue’s lavish interior, perhaps my favorite detail of this work. Though the subject matter in each work is the same, based on the overall presentation I get a completely different impression from each piece. Today’s painting includes a more compact observation of the crowd gathered outside the entrance. It feels more intimate, as if the viewer is part of the scene, whereas the Ramos painting from last month had a narrative which seemed distance and reserved, and featured a larger, less distinguished crowd of ball patrons. It included more of the street, including the carriage drivers and policemen, therefore I found myself less interested in the exiting partygoers.
Tags: before and after the ball may 2018
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