R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Charles Baugniet - Getting Ready For the Ball

Tonight's "Ball" selection is by Belgian painter Charles Baugniet. Viewing this work and its vibrant atmosphere, it would seem the young woman will have herself a splendid evening. I love the wide palette of bright colors throughout this ornate dressing room scene. I also enjoy the inclusion of the handsomely-potted fern, the stack of books on the stool, and of course the quant landscape painting above the doorway. In the mirror reflection we're offered a glimpse of the woman observing herself in her ballroom dress, although I can't help but notice that we're also provided a generous view of her servant, kneeled while prepping the woman's outfit. I find this detail interesting, as the artist seems to pay equal respect toward both subjects, a sentiment which appeals to me.
Tags: before and after the ball may 2018
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