R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Angelo Francesco Lavagnino - Wild, Wild Planet (1966) and Snow Devils (1967)

Today’s “Spaced Out” selections are Angelo Francesco Lavagnino’s scores for the films ‘Wild, Wild Planet’ and ‘Snow Devils’, both entries in director Antonio Margheriti’s “Gamma One” series. The soundtracks for all four films are conveniently available on a CD release known as ‘Gamma 1 Quadrilogy - 60s Italian Cinematic Science Fiction Sounds,’

These scores utilize heavy layers of sound to produce loud, unsettling atmospheres. It’s a neat, experimental journey which well-suited the bizarre material in these films. The two standout tracks on this disc, however, deviate from these odd, orchestral drones by providing fun, upbeat grooves--'Galaxy Galore' from 'Wild, Wild Planet' and the title for ‘Snow Devils’. The former has a jazzy, lounge vibe, while the latter takes a sexy, psychedelic approach. Love it.

Who ever thought space exploration could be this stylish?

'Galaxy Galore' from 'Wild, Wild Planet' OST

'Snow Devils' from 'Snow Devils' OST

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