R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Nico Fidenco - 2+5 Missione Hydra (Star Pilot ) (1966)

Continuing May’s spaced themed musical trip, tonight I will share a pair of beautiful cuts from Nico Fidenco’s score for the 1966 film ‘2+5 Missione Hydra’, also known as ‘Star Pilot’.

The first YouTube clip has the sequences ‘Hydra Shake’ & ‘Space Bossa (Versione 3)’ and features some wonderfully edited footage of the movie. I haven’t seen ‘Star Pilot’, so I’m at a loss to explain how feather boa and fishnet body stockings were incorporated into a sci-fi film, but I must admit it made for some wonderful, dreamlike imagery. Watching these cuts accompanied by Fidenco’s haunting melody is quite an experience. Very well done.

The second clip has the sequence ‘Swing A Go Go’, which sounds lifted some The Ventures rendition of the surf classic ‘The Bat’.

Hydra Shake & Space Bossa (Versione 3)

Swing A Go Go

Ventures 'The Bat'

Tags: spaced out may 2018
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