R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Henri Gervex - After the Dance

French painter Henri Gervex produced a large body of work portraying Parisian life, supplying many busy scenes sets in cafes, opera houses, ballrooms, ect. With that in mind, for today's selection will share a straight forward portrait by Gervex, a simple yet compelling work which isolates his subject for our obervation.

Gervex presents his subject "after the dance," which one could read as signifying the end of her evening out. She calmly looks outward at the viewer while holding a feathered fan. Whereas other sitters might appear intoxicated, saddened, or giddy after such an event, Gervex' s subject seems cool and composed--admirable qualities indeed. She has a refined, no non-sense vibe which gives an idea of the social circles she likely to frequent. One's demeanor can be deceiving though, I would not be surprised if our subject and her seemingly complacient companions were revealed to be the worst gossips at the dance.
Tags: before and after the ball may 2018
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