R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Jules Charles Aviat - Before the Ball

Today’s “Ball” selection is handsome portrait by French painter Jules Charles Aviat.

Sitting on the loveseat, our subject is shown at full length, precisely cropped to command our attention, while also providing a generous view of this odd room. Rendered softly in light green, I’m intrigued by the background, especially the crooked picture frame at the far left. Why include this detail at the far edge of the painting when it could have easily been omitted? I presume the artist added this frame to balance out the composition, and apparently it needed to be crooked, perhaps to complement the angle of the woman’s hat. Think about that. I guess the room bows to her fashion.

With her left hand casually resting on the arms of the loveseat and the other holding what appears to be her scarf, our subject seems calm and patient. That said, her expression would be identified as a “resting face” by modern viewers. I much prefer a resting face over a forced smile issued upon request. To me her expression communicates she’s neither excited nor anxious about the night ahead. That isn’t to say isn’t looking forward to her evening, but she’s been out enough that it’s just another routine.

"She’s in parties".
Tags: before and after the ball april 2018
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