R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Charles Joseph Frederick Soulacroix - Preparing for the Ball

If one thing is for certain, my "Ball" series has no stortage of women giving themselves a final once over before the party. French painter Frédéric Soulacroix supplies today's selection. Posing before the mirror while slipping on her glove, our subject examimes her look, appearing very confident and stately in her outfit that evening's event. She's the picture of elegance, however I can't help but sense a shallowness about her, as if she's chiefly preoccupied with one's appearance and/or social class. Of course, a portrait of one checking themselves over in the mirror doesn't function to convey their empathy for others, but our subject in Soulacroix's painting strikes me as especially cold. Appearances can be deceiving, but I just can't shake that she'd give you the shoulder in you didn't meet her uppity qualifications.

That aside, the yellow dress definitely complements her figure, creating a satisfying shape that's  comparable to that of the vase on the nightstand in the background. When one gives themselves that final once over in the mirror, must their critique be objective if their concern is the impression their appearance will make upon others? I would assume it's a game where few lead and enjoy their part while the majority follows along despite their contempt.
Tags: before and after the ball april 2018
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