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Bruno Nicolai - Caligula (1979)

Given the notorious spectacle of the 1979 Italian-American film 'Caligula', I'm not sure if peplum purists would regard it as an entry in the genre, or if this historical epic would be better categorized with the euro-erotic exploitation films of the late 70s. Whatever the case, the score selections I've heard from maestro Bruno Nicolai are absolutely beautiful. Better known for numerous soundtracks for spaghetti westerns and giallos, Nicolai's work for 'Caligula' contains the breathtaking 'Isis Pool'.

I've never seen 'Caligula', nor am I interested in remedying that. I'm well aware that it was produced by Penthouse Magazine and labored through a number of artistic disputes. In short, many of the cast and crew were not pleased with 'Caligula', and perhaps composer Nicolai used the pseudonym Paul Clemente to distance himself from the project.

Below is the aforementioned track 'Isis Pool' with footage from the movie. FYI, the footage does not contain explicit content, and I suspect it's either from the R-rated version or perhaps even fan-made.

Isis Pool

This will be one of the few peplum entries for which I don't own the soundtrack on CD. It's pretty rare. Someday I'll stumble upon this release and add it to my collection.

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