R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Vincent G. Stiepevich - After the Ball

Today I will share a striking work by Russian painter Vincent G. Stiepevich.

With her arms open as she reclines on the sofa, our young subject seems completely spent from her evening out. She stares outward at the viewer with a weary yet satisfied expression. Her strong eye contract communicates both dignity and confidence, and perhaps a touch of attitude. She’s framed as the center of our attention without any distractions.

The interplay of red and yellow colors is gorgeous. I also enjoy the variety of textures throughout this scene. Observe the smoothness of our subject’s dress, the softness of her coat and the sofa upholstery, and of course that thick, downy carpet. Very bueatiful. Stiepevich was definitely using this piece to showcase his talents.
Tags: before and after the ball april 2018
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