R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

John Singer Sargent - Repose (After the Ball) (1911)

Today’s “Ball” selection is by the famous American painter John Singer Sargent. As usual, I love his beautiful rendering of light along with his talent for capturing interesting compositions which utilize empty space to create exciting views. Observing this young woman as sleeps, I sense an energy to Sargent’s brushstrokes, as if they were simulated by our subject's adventures in Dream World. Whether intentional or not—probably not—this aspect of “Repose” has me intrigued. I especially enjoy the very noticeable horizontal brushstrokes on the wall which lead directly across to the woman’s head. Sargent calls the upmost attention to his craft while making a definite impression on the viewer. These elements at his command transform an otherwise casual scene of a woman sleeping into a soothing depiction of one's mind processing the evening's events. Awesome.
Tags: before and after the ball march 2018
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