R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Edoardo Navone - Before the Ball (1875)

Today I will share a work by Italian painter Edoardo Navone. In this lavish scene we observe a young woman, dressed and primed for her evening event, as she gives a longing expression toward a non-disclosed section of the room. Or is that a haughty expression? I’ve always had difficultly telling the difference between the two. Might it occur to our subject that this fanciful way of life doesn’t fit her preference? Either way, I sense an emptiness about her, as if she’s merely going through the motions and fully aware that while she partakes in such flippant activities, the masses are spending their days fighting to survive.

Or maybe I’m reading way too deep into this work. She could simply be contemplating what horderves they’ll have at the ball, or if any of other attendees will be wearing a similar dress.

My reaction aside, I’m amused that Navone’s subject in this scene is almost upstaged by his own signature, located in the lower right hand corner, in case you missed it. Now that is how an artist signs a painting! What a handsome piece of writing.
Tags: before and after the party march 2018
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