R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Jуzsef Borsos - Young Maids After the Ball (1850)

Today I will share an “After the Ball” scene by Hugarian painter Jуzsef Borsos. I would assume by “maids” we are referring to unmarried women rather than domestic servants. Each of these six ladies could supply their own unique stories from their experiences that evening. Some strike sassy poses, recalling sultry details from the party, while others seem engaged in more casual conversations. The young woman at the far right seems preoccupied with her bird. I wonder how eventful her night was in comparison to that of the others.

While Borsos’s use of light serves to draw attention to the maids, it creates of tunnel vision effect which seems somewhat unnatural. Perhaps this light is from an open door elsewhere in the room. Either way, I wouldn’t mind seeing more of their surroundings.

That said, this seems like the perfect way to wrap up a busy night: Enjoying the company of friends while safe at home. I would assume there were some “bad girls” in their group that evening who didn’t make it back home with them. Imagine the gossip and teasing they’ll endure that next morning from their jealous fellow maids.
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