R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Delphin Enjolras - After the Ball

For today’s “Ball” themed work I would like to introduce Delphin Enjolras, a French painter who was popular for his portraits of young women at home, often shown reading, sewing, lounging, and undressing. The range of this work ranges from intimate, thoughtful paintings, such as “After the Ball”, shown here, and more provocative, sexy works which the modern eye would deem similar to centerfolds. Flip through a catalogue of Enjolras’s vast output and you’ll note which works operate at either spectrum, along with those which function in the middle ground.

“After the Ball” demonstrates Enjolras’s common practice of using of indoor lamps to light his subjects within shadowy, blue-hued interiors. Once you’ve seen several works by Enjolras, you’ll be familiar with his use of those lamps, which more often than not delicately accents his subject’s bosoms and other attributes. That being said, he had a talent for capturing those little nuances from his sitters, showing affection for them as real people.

Below I have also included a postcard, also titled "After the Ball, by Enjolras. This was my first exposure to his work.

Tags: before and after the ball march 2018
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