R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Ramon Casas - After the Ball

This “Ball” series wouldn’t be complete without a painting by Spanish artist Ramon Casas. In this selection we observe a woman relaxing by herself after an evening out. Still wearing her lovely, flowy black dress she sported at the ball, she seems barely able to stay awake while reclining on the couch. Her eyes are just barely open as she tries to focus on the yellow book, which I assume is a pamphlet from that evening’s party. I like the notion that she’s handling this item of memorabilia from her night out as she slowly drifts asleep. Perhaps her adventures from the evening will expand in the dream realm. What happens in the dream realm, stays in the dream realm.

That being said, I imagine she'll wake up in a few hours, realize she'd fallen asleep in her clothes while on the couch, and then proceed to prepare herself for bed.

The yellow book really stands out against the green of the couch and pillows, which makes really captures the viewer’s attention and makes for an amazing graphic.
Tags: before and after the ball march 2018
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