R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Brynolf Wennerberg - Before the Party

Today I am pleased to share a piece by German-Austrian painter and illustrator Brynolf Wennerberg. In contrast to Anton Thiele's "Preparing for the Ball," which we discussed a couple days ago, our couple in Wennerberg drawing seem more serious--perhaps even exhibiting a bit a tension; The man stands stationary as he looks downward, waiting for his wife to finish her lipstick. I sense somewhat of an impatience about him. The woman seems completely focused on the task at hand, and there's a haughtiness about her which absorbs the scene. Unlike our couple in Thiele's painting, I sense no tenderness between these two--only a shared desire to climb the social latter at tonight's function. There's something cold about their interaction, or lack thereof.

I enjoy the composition used for this work. The light from the window in the background effectively outlines the woman's upper half as she leans toward the mirror, making her the focal point. Her mirror is completely obscured from our vantage point due to the cabinet door, affording her privacy as she applies her lipstick.

The purple and pink complement each other, creating a piece that's very soothing, despite my feelings toward the subjects.
Tags: before and after the ball march 2018
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