R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Anton Thiele - Preparing for the Ball (1880)

Today's selection is by Danish painter Anton Thiele. In this bedroom scene we observe a woman, her attention fixed on a mirror, as she pins a corsage with a red rose to her dress, while her husband, lounging back in a chair beside the dresser, watches his her prepare for the event. Note how he appears to be handling a hand fan--presumably hers--which bears a picture of red roses.

I enjoy this interaction between the two subjects. This episode feels casual--a candid snapahot from their married life. This scene gives me the impression that they are exchanging light conversation, perhaps discussing their plans for the evening, when suddenly the wife needs to pause as she applies her corsage--and then making sure it looks right. Afterward she might ask her husband how it looks. I trust he knows what she considers to be the wrong and the right answers to her inquiry.

The bedroom is shown with a natural level of detail. Though these quarters are used often, the occupants are tidy.
Tags: before and after the ball march 2018
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