R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Felix Friedrich Von Ende - Courtship

Today I would like to share 'Courtship' by German painter Felix Friedrich Von Ende. I enjoy how this horizontal canvas presents our two subjects at the left side, providing a stong composition which carries the eye between the foreground and the background. From our perspective the man fits inside the outline of the tree, while the woman is located completely outside, which gives me the impression that she is a new face in this park, hence the gentleman's apparent interest. Though he might mean well, the way in which he's peering over at her, along with how he seems to emerge from out of the shadow of our tree, gives him a slightly creepy vibe. He seems more hesitant than desperate. On the other hand, she appears questionably preoccupied with the design on her fan. Perhaps she's actually waiting for him to start conversation.
Tags: art for the month of february 2018
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