R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Heinrich Lossow - The Enchantress (1868)

For Valentine's Day I've selected 'The Enchantress' by German painter Heinrich Lossow. I don't know anything about Lossow or what might have been the inspiration for this piece, so I shall give my own fresh perspective. In this mysterious scene, persumably a cemetary or estate on the edge of the forest, a supernatural force, identified as the Enchantress, has overpowered the gentleman's mind, luring him into the arms of a synx statue for a passionate embrace and kiss. His senses should register the cold, hard stone, however his body has also surrendered to the Enchantress's trickery. This is a man at the depths of his own pleasures. Using his deepest desire, where it be love, lust, comfort--or a combination of all three--she has lured him into this vulnerable position for us to bear witness, as if he were a side-show on display.

Viewing this work, I wonder about The Enchantress's objective, as well as how she might be represented within the scene. In this spooky forest she might exist an ominous presence, which has deceived and humilated the man simply for her own entertainment. Or perhaps she's somehow inhabiting the synx--maybe even as a prisoner--and has used her trickery to lure in the gentleman for some much needed companionship.
Tags: art for the month of february 2018
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