R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Art for the Month of February 2018

Over the past four years that I've been compiling works for my Art for the Month of June entries, I've stumbled upon a number of scenes depicting either heavy flirtations, romantic tragedies, or sleazy episodes. While I included some of those paintings in my entries, there were a many which, for whatever reason, didn't make the cut. Nevertheless I filed those unused works in a specific folder, and now seems like a better time than ever to share them as their own monthly series. Let's unleash them into the wild. And what better month to showcase these pieces than February, wherein we celebrate Valentine's Day?

I must confess, many of these works peaked my interest because by modern standards they would be declared to exhibit innappropriate behavior or questionable sentiments on part of the artist. Some are downright politically incorrect. Upon first viewing, about half of them make me wince. I share these works not to celebrate or condone their subjects but rather to observe the nuances which make them intriging historical artifacts. Due to limited time I will present most of these without comment, however I am up for discussing them.

Tags: art for the month of february 2018
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