R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

William Ratcliffe - The Warped Table (1921)

Today I would like to share 'The Warped Table' by English painter William Ratcliffe. I'm largely unfamiliar with Ratcliffe's work, and I am quick to assume this is a scene from the artist's home. That said, I love how the Ratcliffe has utilized his fantastic talents to document this mundane possession, if not one which is also "warped." The table might be damaged, however I'm under the impression that the artist feels an affection toward it, possibly because of its imperfection. Perhaps that is makes makes this table special enough to function as the centerpoint of this scene. Would this painting be any less interesting if the table were pristine, like an item one might find in a home & decor catalogue?

Again, assuming this table is owned by Ratcliffe, this work is indicative of what the artist is willing to share about himself. Not everyone is racing to show off all of their worn-down and/or damages personal effects. It's a very personal item, if you think about it, one at which one might eat, read, converse, ect. Most folks would flaunt their fancy tea cabinet, however they might stop short of showing off the homely table at which they spend a majority of their time.
Tags: art for the month of june
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