R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

William Holyoake - The Lover's Vow (circa 1800)

Tonight I will present ‘The Lover's Vow’ by English painter William Holyoake. In this work I enjoy the seriousness of the two adults as the man commits his promise into the snow. The gentleman’s formal posture, as well as his hand tucked in his pocket, seems to emphasize this tender gesture to his female companion. One would not think twice to find a pair of adolescents engaged in such an activity, but in the case of two adults it’s a different matter entirely. One would assume that through their years of experience these two adults are familiar with the complexities of love and faithfulness, and with that in mind I find the man’s vow in the snow to be very endearing, evident that they have not let cynicism get the best of them. Snow is only temporal, easily brushed away by a strong gust of wind, but the promise will remain true if the lover is indeed committed to his word.
Tags: art for the month of june
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