R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Wilhelm Bendz - The Sculptor Christen Christensen Working with a Live Model in His Studio (1827)

Tonight I am happy to share ‘The Sculptor Christen Christensen Working with a Live Model in His Studio’ by Danish painter Wilhelm Bendz. What appealed to me about this work is the body language between the subjects. I would assume the sculptor is guiding his model’s pose as reference for his work, however this image has a theatrical quality which brought to mind other creative possibilities. The sculptor’s stance, with his hand extended outward in a grand gesture, is very powerful, while the model almost appears as if he were shielding himself in response. Is these poses, one might think our subjects were engaged in an epic fight scene, wherein the sculptor would yield some wild supernatural power, causing the model to raise his arm, holding heavy shield, in defense against his opponent. But alas, they are merely working on a project. Oh well.

Also, yes, the sculptor, referenced in the title as male, does appear very feminine—so much that I checked around the interest for clarification that the artist might’ve been a woman. I didn’t uncover anything substantial, nor does it really detract from the impact of this piece.
Tags: art for the month of june
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