R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Pierre-Jacques Volaire - View of the Eruption of Mount Vesuvius (1770s)

Today I will share 'View of the Eruption of Mount Vesuvius' by French painter Pierre-Jacques Volaire. In this work I love the striking contrast between the lively orange and yellow of volcanic blast and the soothing blue of the night sky with that wonderful full moon. My eye is also drawn to the lower half of the painting where two groups of silloetted figures are seen against the reflections in the water. Though only a short distance away from each other, these two groups seem to be inhabiting completely different worlds. From there I explore the shadows to find even more people lurking within the scene, obviously there to observe the volcanic display. Lastly, I enjoy how the smoke from the eruption seems to be falling downward, an effect in which resembles stalactite in a cavern, creating another interesting aspect to this extraordinary landscape scene.
Tags: art for the month of june
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