R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Marià Fortuny - Portrait of the Painter Joaquim Agrassot (1864)

Tonight I would like to share ‘Portrait of the Painter Joaquim Agrassot’ by Spanish painter Marià Fortuny. Though I’m unfamiliar with the subject, I can still appreciate the dramatic atmosphere and handsome presentation of this work. This is one of many paintings which I discovered while browsing Pinterest. As a 1 ½ inch image viewed on my smartphone, what stood out to me about this piece was the subject’s cool composure while leaning back against the wall. In this respect he reminds me of a nightclubber or a punk rocker striking the classic James Dean pose from the movie ‘Rebel Without a Cause.’ I’ve even done it myself from time to time. It’s a great way to kill time if you don’t want to stare at your phone.

Of course, this Agrassot fellow did not have a smartphone, so that skull he’s casually clutching in his left hand will have to suffice, I guess. Again, I love the attitude exhibited by our subject’s simple body language.

Upon viewing Fortuny’s ‘Portrait,’ I admired it enough to save to my own Pinterest wall. Several weeks later I revisited the image, this time on my large screen monitor at home, and was struck by the amount of detail within the scene. I love Fortuny’s rendering of the glassware, stool, and shelf—all of which was lost when first viewing the image on my phone. This makes me wonder how much more of impact this painting would have if I could observe it in person.
Tags: art for the month of june
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