R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Jules Girardet - A Distraction from Studies (no date)

Jules Girardet - A Distraction from Studies (no date).jpg

Today I would like to share ‘A Distraction from Studies’ by French painter Jules Girardet. This humorous street scene reminds me of my own college years, a time in which I found it important to dedicate myself to homework while avoiding flirtations with classmates. Not becoming involved with a fellow student, or anyone else for that matter, seemed imperative to graduating as scheduled. To each their own, right?

Looking back, this decision was either very wise or very misguided—I still don’t know which. At any rate, Girardet’s painting reminds me of a period of my life when a distraction or two may or may not have resulted in some positive experiences.

Personal details aside, in this piece I love the interactions between the subjects. I'm not sure if the young man is actively avoiding the women or if he's too shy to approach, but nonetheless the ladies seem friendly, and somehow their operating of the water pump seems oddly suggestive.
Tags: art for the month of june
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