R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Alfred James Munnings - The Fancy Dress Ball (1901)

Today I will share 'Fancy Dress Ball' by English painter Alfred James Munnings. Between our two costumed gentlemen presented here--one representing a devil and the other presumably a clown--the woman responds favorably to the advance of former while the latter appears dejected by their exchange, slouching away in the background. With that in mind, this seemingly whimsical painting appeals to a mischevious sensibility. I dig that. In a party environment who wouldn't prefer the company of a tall, elequolent devil over that of a stout, droopy clown? To each their own.

The vibrant red and the large mass of white create a sharp contrast which visually distinguishes these two figures apart from one another. One might even conclude that the white of the clown's outfit represents innocence or purity, which the woman overlooks for more adventurous prospects, characterized by the flattering devil. If you observe the clown's expression, he is no stranger to envy.

I also notice the use of circles to guide the viewer's eye through the composition. Nice touch.
Tags: art for the month of june
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