R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Thursday Shuffle #2

Second Thursday Shuffle installment.

Again, these are the first eight tracks which appear on my iPod when using the shuffle feature. No cheating. :P

1. Haujobb – Unseeing

2. The Rolling Stones – Sweet Black Angel

3. Bruno Nicolai - Sguardi Teneri (from ‘Femmine Insaziabili’ OST)

4. Esquivel – Lazy Bones

5. Martin Böttcher - Soldaten Und Banditen

6. The Smiths – Hand in Glove

7. Ennio Morricone - Amo Lei (from ‘D'Amore Si Muore’ OST)

8. The Art of Noise – Beat Box (Diversion One)

Tags: thursday shuffle
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