R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Frank Bramley - A Truce, 1912

‘A Truce’ by English post-impressionist painter Frank Bramley feels like a somber epilogue to an intense argument. I sense that there was a conflict between the two women, as they don’t seem particularly enamored with each other’s’ company. They also appear to be exhausted from their supposed confrontation; one woman is seated at the table, slouching over with her hand at her forehead, while her companion is sitting on the floor—somewhat of an awkward sight—and comforted by a small dog at her side. Behind her head is an open window, and to me this detail represents a release of the tension which recently filled the room. 'Truce' is what one might describe as the uncomfortable calm after the storm. At any rate, whatever transpired between these two subjects has— at least temporarily—been resolved.

The use of light is key to the moody atmosphere of our scene. The blue cast from outside contrasts against with the warm, yellow emission from the right, located directly off-canvas. I like how this interior light source illuminates one side of the woman's face while also casting a deep shadow upon the windowpane. This creates an unsettling ambience, indirectly alluding to a conflict between our two subjects.

And one a final note, I really enjoy the distant landscape glimpsed through the window. I would presume this is morning, but it could also very well be dusk. I would like to think our two subjects argued through the night, finally reaching their “truce” at dawn, itself symbolizing a new beginning.
Tags: art for the month of june
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