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Claudio Simonetti - Profondo Rosso (Rap Hip Hop) (1991)

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday. I’m sure you’ll now have plenty of songs to help celebrate this occasion.

My final Music of the Month of Halloween is a polarizing hip hop rendition of Goblin’s main title for the 1975 Dario Argento film ‘Deep Red’, also known as ‘Profondo Rosso’. I write polarizing because most fans of the original theme—at least those I’ve spoken to—regard this version as nothing more than a cringeworthy cash-grab by Claudio Simonetti, keyboardist for Golbin who released this reworking on his 1991 ‘Simonetti Horror Project’ album. Well, they might not be totally off the mark, but this hip hop spin on “Profondo Rosso” is still some awesome fun—granted I have a soft spot for this variety of cheese.

Admittedly the euro-dance loop is lacking imagination, but the bassline is undeniably groovy and the guitar breakdown really brings the song to life. I love the how the haunting keyboard melody of the original is shamelessly transformed into soaring dance floor lead, only vaguely recognizable to those familiar with the classic theme.

And then there’s the actual rapping, which is tacky at best though it perfectly complements the music.

“Deep red. The color of the blood that drippin’ …”

Oh geez.

The music video is really something wonderful too.

In the end Simonetti’s hip hop version of “Profondo Rosso” is competent, silly, and most importantly a huge slap in the face to any Goblin fan who might’ve been taking their music way too seriously.

Tags: music for the month of halloween
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