R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

John Carpenter & Alan Howarth - Coming To L.A. (1988)

Today’s selection is taken from John Carpenter and Alan Howarth’s score to the 1988 Carpenter film ‘They Live’. Although not as creepy or revered as Carpenter’s classic ‘Halloween’ theme, “Coming to L.A.” has a menacingly slow tempo and stripped-down bluesy feel which skirts the line between eerie and campy. I think it would make fun background music for any ghoulish gathering.

Hearing this, I confess that my soundtrack collection needs more Carpenter. Earlier this year the famed director and composer even released ‘Lost Themes’, an album of music scored for imaginary films, which has since been recommended to me from multiple sources. Perhaps I’ll have to give it some consideration.

It's kind of amazing how much his music has influenced dance music over the past couple years, citing the whole Outrun craze which apparently strives to reproduce the sound of the 80s along with certain visual aesthetics, to varying degrees of success.
Tags: music for the month of halloween
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