R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Henry Mancini - Terror Strikes (1955)

Today’s selection, “Terror Strikes”, arranged by Henry Mancini and performed by the Mancini Pops Orchestra in 1990, utilizes music composed by Herman Stein and Mancini for the 1955 film ‘Tarantula’.

This is a tense, ominous track—definitely not something one envision mellowing out with.

Really, this is giant spider music, for people who apparently enjoy the music which would accompany a giant spider. I haven’t closely listened to the scores for ‘Earth vs. the Spider’ (1958) and ‘Giant Spider Invasion’ (1975), but, much like the quality of the movies they were composed for, I would presume they are vastly inferior to ‘Tarantula’. I mean, Stein and Mancini! That’s one hell of a combo.

For those interested in scores for old 50s and 60s b-movies, a California-based music label known as Monstrous Movie Music has specialized in such products since 1996. I have their ‘Monstrous Movie Music’ release, collecting recordings of scores for ‘Mole People’, Them!’, “It Came From Outer Space, and It Came From Beneath the Sea’, and the entire disc is fantastic. The ‘Them!’ score by Polish composer Bronislau Kaper is especially evocative with many creative sounds. Great stuff!

Tags: muaic for the month of halloween
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