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Giovanni Cristiani - Hell Flames (1990)

Today’s selection is Giovanni Cristiani’s “Hell Flames”, composed for the 1990 Lucio Fulci film ‘Demonia’.  There’s little chance of me ever sitting down to watch the likes of ‘Demonia’, but recently I heard the Cristiani’s score, included on Beat Record Company’s ‘Lucio Fulci's Horror & Thriller’, a compilation of music from the director’s films, and this piece of music really made an impression on me.

“Hell Flames” is relatively short, clocking in just a little over two minutes, but I love this song’s slow, menacing build up and along with that sudden, intense release at the end.  It’s simple yet highly effective.  Whenever I have my ipod set to shuffle, this one always sneaks up on me.  Cristiani’s other pieces for ‘Demonia’ are equally admirable, but “Hell Flames” really stands out.  According to imbd, this was the composer’s only film score.

For those interested, “Hell Flames” is also available on the more readily available disc ‘Classic Italian Soundtracks – The Horror Films Collection, Vol 2’ from  DRG records, which is worth checking out. 

In addition to Cristiani score for ‘Demonia’, ‘Lucio Fulci's Horror & Thriller’ also contains music from ‘Door to Silence’, ‘The Beyond’, ‘Manhattan Baby’, ‘House by the Cemetery’, ‘New York Ripper’ and ‘A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin’.  While some of these tracks are genuinely spooky, others come off as jazzy with subtle elements of disco—at times boarding on easy listening—which is amusing considering the unsavory content of the movies themselves, but perhaps such an odd juxtaposition contributed to the films’ allure.  Who knows.

At any rate, Beat’s ‘Horror & Thriller’ was recently released as a double LP by Mondo, boasting a truly bad-ass skull sleeve, which you can stare at while listening to Francesco De Masi’s uplifting “New York, One More Day”. 

Below are other selections from the comp.

Francesco de Masi – Fay (1982)

Walter Rizzati - Tema Bambino (1981)

Ennio Morricone – Sfinge (1971)

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