R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Luboš Fišer - The Magic Yard (1970)

Today’s piece comes from Luboš Fišer’s score to the 1970 Czechoslovakian surrealist film ‘Valerie and Her Week of Wonders’. I have yet to see the movie, but the soundtrack, yet another release of obscure music from Finders Keepers, provides an eerie listening experience that’s perfect for Halloween. A majority of the tracks are short–roughly around 2 to 3 minutes–but the music takes you through a wide range of emotions with many abrupt changes in mood and instrumentation. The soundtrack is like a roller coaster ride, but despite these variations it still manages to stay on course as one cohesive work. Chanting choirs, soothing melodies, haunting chimes, and ominous organ pieces create to create a dreamlike soundscape, which I imagine compliment the visuals within the film. And yes, apparently there's a carnival here too.

It's a really beautiful, creative score, which for better or worse never lets you get too comfortable with any given offering of music.
Tags: music for the month of halloween
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