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Angelo Francesco Lavagnino - Diafanoidi (1966)

Today's Music for the Month of October selection is from Angelo Francesco Lavagnino's score for the 1966 film 'War of the Planets'. It's a very tense music piece, suitable for a chilling outer space adventure, and I love the mounting suspense created by his use of strings, horns and vocals.

I found this track on 'Gamma 1 Quadrilogy - 60s Italian Cinematic Science Fiction Sounds', a compilation of Angelo Francesco Lavagnino's scores for the movies, 'Wild Wild Planet', 'War Between the Planets', and 'Snow Devils', along with the aforementioned 'War of the Planets'.

This CD has many orcheatoral works, but there are a couple groovy guitar pieces which remind me of Lavagnino's spaghetti western scores.

Angelo Francesco Lavagnino - Space Devils (1967)

In a similar vein, Gino Marinuzzi Jr.'s score for the 1965 Mario Bava film 'Planet of the Vampires' is highly recommended. I don't own the actual soundtrack but rather an 11 minutes suite which includes a majority of the music. It's a very atmospheric, boardline ambient, score. Very cool.

Gino Marinuzzi Jr. - Terrore Nello Spazio (Part 2) (1965)

For more outer space fun, I would recommend Russ Garcia's exotica album 'Fantastica'.

Russ Garcia - Fantastica (Full Album) (1958)

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