R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Tafo feat. Nahid Akhtar with Mehdi Hassan and A. Nayyar - Zambo Zambo (1977)

Today’s Music for the Month of Halloween selection was taken from the 1977 movie ‘Jasoos’. I discovered “Zambo Zambo” on Finders Keepers ‘Life is Dance’, a compilation of old Pakistani film music. The entire album is great, but this particular piece really stood out to me; It’s a wild composition, utilizing the Moog and drum machines for create an energy which charges through to the end. The instrumental build up which starts around the 2 minute mark is just incredible, and I love the juxtaposition of those wailing male vocals and soothing melodies. Great stuff, and perfect Halloween!

For those who might be interested, Finders Keepers also released ‘Bollywood Bloodbath’, a compilation of Indian horror film music. Although several of the songs therein are indeed haunting and obviously appropriate for an entry in this series, none of them compared to the atmosphere or ferocity of “Zambo Zambo”.
Tags: music for the month of halloween
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