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Barnes Foundation

During our trip to Philly last month we paid a visit to the Barnes Foundation. This was such a wonderful museum and I highly recommend stopping in if you're sightseeing in the city. I was very impressed with all the hard work and dedication which went into recreating the original Barnes building in Lower Merion. Of course there was a huge controversy surrounding their move to Logan Square in 2012, but let's not get into that. In any rate, I'm happy that these works from the Barnes Foundation are available for the public to enjoy and will remain as such for many years to come.

Special shout out to our friend who gave us a special tour of the collection!

As this was my first visit to the museum, I found the sheer number of works on display almost overwhelming, and in lieu of writing down those paintings which captured by interest, I used their catalogue online to find said pieces. It occurred to me that some of the works listed below might not have actually been on display, or at least I don't recall seeing them, so apologies in advance. I especially enjoyed the works by Ernest Lawson, Maurice Utrillo, William James Glackens, and Maurice Brazil Prendergast.

After Albrecht Durer – Saint Jerome and the Lion, probably first half of the 16th Century

Alexis Gritchenko – Amphitheatre, 1921

Alice Malicka – Still Life, by 1926

American, Pennsylvania – German Landscape –Train, 19th century

Andrew Dasburg – Landscape (Mountain in the Southwest), c. 1920

Arthur Bowen Davies – Flora, early 1890s

Arthur Bowen Davies – Music in the Fields, early 1890s

Attributed of Jean-Simeon Chardin – Still Life with Copper Pot, Cabbage, Pestle, and Stove, between 1732 and 1740

Austrian Master – Crucifixion, c 1400 – 1420

Claude Monet – The Studio Boat, 1876

Cretan – Nativity of Christ, 15th Century

Edouard Manet – Tarring the Boat, July-August 1873

Ernest Lawson – Landscape with Gnarled Trees, c. 1910

Ernest Lawson – River Scene-Boat and Trees, 1907-1910

Ernest Lawson – Swimming Hold, c. 1910

Ernest Lawson – River Scene-Boats and Houses, c. 1910

Eugene Delacroix – Saint Michael Defeats the Devil, probably 1850

Francis McCarthy – Still Life, c. 1948

George Benjamin Luks – The Blue Churn, c. 1908-1910

Georges Seurat – Models, 1886-1888

Gerrit Adriaensz Berckheyde – View of a Town with Figures, Coats, and Wagon before a Church, c. 1670

Giorgio de Chirico – Dog in Landscape, 1934

Gustave Courbet – Woman with Pigeons, mid 1860s

Henri de Loulouse-Lautrec – “A Montrouge”, 1886-1887

Henri Edmond Cross – Two Women by the Shore, Mediterranean, 1896

Henri Marisse – Moorish Woman, August 1922-Feb 1923

Honore Daumier – The Sibalds, 1848-1849

Honore Daumier – Two Drinkers, c. 1858

James Preston – Chartes, undated

Jan van Goyen – The Square Watch-Tower, 1651

Jean Baptiste Guiraud – View of Bordeaux, 1884

Jean Hugo – Huy (Valley of the Meuse), 1941

Jean Hugo – Lunel Seen from the Canal, 1942

Jean-Baptiste-Cammille Corot – Mme de Larochenoire, Wife of the Painter, c. 1870

Jerome Myers – Street Shrine, 1915

John Kane – Farm, c. 1928

José Aragon - Saint Raymond Nonnatus (San Ramon Nonato), c. 1830

Manner of Giacamo Guardi – Capriccio of an Island in the Venetian Laguna, 19th Century

Master of the Saint Ursula Legend – Martyrdom of Saint Lawrence, c. 1485/90-1510

Maurice Brazil Prendergast - Central Park, 1939

Maurice Brazil Prendergast – Landscape (Park Scene, c. 1910-1912

Maurice Brazil Prendergast – Landscape with Figures, c. 1910-1912

Maurice Brazil Prendergast – Rocks, Waves and Figures, c. 1902-1904

Maurice Brazil Prendergast – Seascape-St. Malo, 1907

Maurice Brazil Prendergast – Two Figures on a Male, c. 1917-1920

Maurice Brazil Prendergast _ Beach Scene with Donkeys, 1914-1915

Maurice Utrillo – various works

May Wilson Preston, Dejeuner, c. 1910

Nancy Maybin Ferguson – The Red Banner, c. 1913

Odilon Redon – Saint George and the Dragon, c. 1909-1910

Paul Cezanne – Leda and the Swan, c. 1880

Pedro Antonio Fresquis – Our Lady of Protection, 1815

Pierre Bonnard – Evening Under the Lamps, c. 1903

Pierre Bonnard – Young Woman Writing, 1908

Pierre-Auguste Renoir – Henriot Family, 1875

Vincent van Gogh – Reclining Nude, Jan-March 1887

Vincent van Gogh – The Factory, July- September 1887

William James Glackens – Beach at Dieppe, 1906

William James Glackens – Decoration, c. 1914

William James Glackens – Landscape-Factories, c. 1914

William James Glackens – Race Track, 1908-1909

William James Glackens – Seascape with Six Bathers, Bellport, c. 1915

William James Glackens – Sunday on the Marne, c. 1915-1916

William James Glackens – The Raft, 1915

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