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Based on the medium the artist has chosen to use, do you have any preconceived boundaries for what you'd like to experience from their output? I find I'm more willing to accept experimentation and contemporary influence when exhibited in medium X rather than medium Y, whereas I prefer only stuffy, traditional craftsmanship from medium Z.

Yes, as the receiver, this means I am indeed allowing my own preferences to interfere with experiencing the artist's work, but I'm okay with that since I'm at least aware of it and not passing judgment. Do you find yourself allowing certain mediums to display more creative liberties than others?

While I appreciate artists like Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky, I don't rush to see their paintings upon entering a museum, and if pressed for time I'll bypass the contemporary galleries entirely, but when it comes to music I've always been drawn to more experimental acts. I love stuff like Coil and Einsturzende Neubeuten, and some might say their approach to music is similar to Klee and Kandinsky's approach to the visual arts. On that note, I could do without "Einstein on the Beach".

Taking this a step further, one might relish the poetry of Goethe and Wordsworth, but find themselves pressed to enjoy the paintings of David Casper Friedrich or the music of Schumann or Berlioz. I offer this example at the risk of derailing the entire discussion, and of course I'm aware that one not liking Goethe's style doesn't discount them from enjoying other Romantic writers such as Wordsworth or Victor Hugo, same as admiring a battle scene by Delacroix doesn't mean you'll be as receptive to a seascape by William Turner. That aside, are their any mediums which you feel were ill-suited for certain art movements?

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