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A few weeks ago I was at a comic book shop (Acme in Peoria, of you must know), sifting through their generous assortment 50 cent bins. Eventually I was joined by an older man and his son, and after a few minutes of browsing, the man apparently found a large run of comics which struck his fancy. As he loudly announced to his son, these issues were various x-titles from the mid-90s, stuff which I personally avoid, but whatever. Mind you, I was ignoring him, just inspecting the remaining bins so I could take my leave.

Anyway, the man voiced concern that in purchasing the whole stack of comics he might be acquiring duplicates of those issues he already had at home. He informed his son that he had a spreadsheet inventory of his comics available on a computer at home, and that in order to verify the issues he already owned he would need to call mom back at the house. Standing at the bins with his cell phone, he calls his wife, explains the situation, and instructs her as to where the computer is located, and of course there's some misunderstanding along the way, which only intensifies his frustration with her. This whole ordeal lasted around 10 minutes, and overhearing his side of the call was just awful. He didn't seem mean, as in abusive, but moreso he came off as a real jerk. And over what? A bunch of fair-condition 50 cent comics which aren't worth anything? Seriously?

If a full grown adult chooses to enjoy comic books, a medium typically described as adolescent fantasy, then be my guest. Hey, it works for me! Take my advice though and keep an updated inventory of your collection available on your phone so you won't have to call your exhausted wife about a bunch of super Wolverine comics during those few hours when she's trying to relax.

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