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Frank O'Meara - Reverie, 1882

frank o'meara - Reverie, 1882

Today’s featured artwork is Reverie by Irish painter Frank O’Meara.

This image typifies everything which attracts me to the Tonalism, a style of painting which emerged in America in the 1880s and was characterized by soft landscapes and muted hues. However, aside from his friendship with James McNeill Whistler, O’Meara seems to have had little connection with the Tonalist movement and apparently developed into this particular style on his own. According to my sources, he was influenced by French painter Jules Bastien-Lepage as well as his visits to the artists colonies in Barbizon and Grez-sur-Loing. O'Meara unfortunately died at the age of 35 and had produced only a small collection of works.

All that aside, isn’t Reverie just downright beautiful? It’s such a melancholy, sensitive piece. Dare I say, it’s like one of Thomas Dewing’s lonely muses wandered into a George Inness landscape. I love the use of neutral color along with the delicate rendering of the fence. Just wonderful.
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