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Edwin Howland Blashfield - Vintage Festival c. 1890

For today's installment of Art for the Month of June, I'm featuring a canvas painting by American muralist Edwin Howland Blashfield, Vintage Festival, which I had the pleasure of viewing a couple years ago during my visit to the Delaware Art Museum.


As you can see, this work depicts a whimsical scene with several young ladies pressing grapes with their feet, incense burning overhead, a seated figure playing an aulos, and in the background a couple figures who are presumably bringing in more grapes to be pressed. I'm guessing their actual working conditions would've been a lot more stringent than how they're presented here.

Students of antiquity might observe the vases, interior, and adornments in an effort to identify the specific date this work was intended to portray, if any, but I'm willing to keep it vague and settle for Early Roman Period, or whatever. In any case, I feel my ignorance of such details doesn't impede me from enjoying the cheerful energy of this particular piece.

Blashfield, in addition to being a widely renowned muralist whose commissions included the Iowa and Wisconsin State Capitals, a dome in the Library of Congress, and another dome in the manufacturer's building at the 1893 World Columbian Exposition in Chicago, was also a well respected academic and lecturer, so am I to assume that each variable in this seemingly nonchalant scene was carefully selected in accordance with hours of thorough research? Well, I'd like to assume so, but I have a feeling that wasn't the case.

Anyway, Vintage Festival would function adequately as a decoration behind someone’s dry bar or at the entrance of a wine cellar.

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