R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Jimmy's Pizza

If you’re in Chicago and fancy a good New York style pizza, I recommend going directly to Jimmy’s Pizza on Foster & Lincoln. Their eatery area is small, only allowing for about three tables, so I assume most of their business is carry-out. Nonetheless, this stand-alone pizzeria offers a solid product. Hell, they don’t even offer traditional Chicago deep-dish pizza, which I’m not a big fan of anyway. Nope, at Jimmy’s it’s New York Style or bust. I like that attitude. They also offer calzones, garlic knots and beignets.

Dare I say, I even like them more than my friendly neighborhood joint, Martino’s. Yeah, I know. To be fair, I won’t compare Jimmy’s to any restaurant which might specialize in Neapolitan style pizza.

Oh, if only Jimmy’s made tomato pie. There is not one establishment that I know of here in Chicago that makes tomato pie. Perhaps that’s for the best.
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