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As someone who listened to a lot of depressing music as a teenager, one might be surprised to know that I didn't get into The Smiths until my college years. For one who found himself living alone in a small studio apartment in Near North Chicago, their albums were an excellent companion. During that time I spent many a weekend night reading art history texts while consuming cheap merlot and frozen pizza, and more often than not The Smiths could be heard somewhere in the background. I knew all the songs and had my own theories to what each of them meant and how they operated in the band's canon. Their music held the same level of emotional resonance for me as other people seem to feel for The Beatles. Seriously, those songs by Johnny Marr & Morrissey have a dynamic which to this day still fascinates me.

That said, I rarely listen to their albums anymore and if so just for the sake of nostalgia.

This past Friday during my lunch break I walked over to this little comic book shop I frequent on Madison Ave. They usually have music or whatever playing in the store. Well, while I was there they just so happened to have on The Smith's Louder Than Bombs album. Within a matter of minutes Morrissey's voice was providing me with an unpleasant experience. No, it wasn't bringing back old memories or impacting me with its sheer beauty. On the contrary--the vocal performance was physically unsettling to my ears. I actually considered leaving the premises just to get away from it.

I know a lot of people, my wife included, who can't stand The Smiths because of Morrissey's singing, or, as they call it, "whining". Of course there are many others who not only love his voice but also his vocal style and would consider it an absolute travesty if he altered it to appease the naysayers. Either way, his years of crooning have him a huge amount of money.

Anyway, I just wanted to make note that ol' Moz finally broke me. It took about ten years, but it finally happened.

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