R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

A Sad Day for Encased Meats

Somber news for Chicagoans who love hot dogs and specialty sausage. This morning the Tribune reported that Doug, owner and sole cashier of the city's famous Hot Doug's, will be closing up shop indefinitely this coming October.


I've only been there twice—both visits during the weekdays right after they'd opened at 10:30am, as to avoid he legendary long lines that go around the block. Not only did I enjoy his product but I also admired his business model and how his relatively small eatery operated to supply demand. Patrons would order at the register, pick a table at which to eat their food, and as soon as they were done they'd be out, freeing up a spot for the next customer. You'd think this situation could easily get out of hand, but somehow everything just worked, perhaps as a testament to the efficiency of the space and the general feel-good environment of being at the one and only Hot Doug's.

Even if you don't like hot dogs, one has to admire this man's entrepreneurship and dedication. Who knows why he's closing his beloved eatery, but best of luck to whatever he pursues.
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