R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Retro Through the Ages

Do you think people in the early 19th century France would've regarded the works of Rococo artists Boucher and Fragonard as "Retro"?

We tend to regard the term as a 20th century advent, often used to celebrate styles & fashions of previous decades, but sometimes I wonder if centuries prior experienced this same interest in resurrecting the recent past--for fun, of course. I'm not referring to anything like the Italian Renaissance, which given the variables at play shall be considered a different animal entirely, but rather something like a spike of interest in Mannerist paintings at a time when most patrons had moved on to the Baroque style. Of course this was before the Internet and other modern communications, when I imagine the spread of stylistic trends was entirely dependant upon either the printed press or The Church. Furthermore, I recon only a small minority of wealthy individuals had the opportunity and inclination to concern themselves with such matters.

That said, it's still an intriguing thought for a dreary Wednesday afternoon as I watch my little one tear up the living room.

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