R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

It's stating the obvious that any given piece of art is likely to generate a different reaction from each individual, whether it be admiration, appreciation, indifference, disgust, ect., but I believe art as a whole has the potential to prompt the same emotions and sensations which are experienced by everyone. What's considered beautiful according to one person might be deemed repulsive by another, and I find that that sort of sharp variation to be fascinating. It's the ultimate "to each their own". I'm not overly fond of Abstract Expressionism, but I'm sure there are many who gaze upon a Pollock or a Rothko and experience the same awe as I do when viewing a painting from the Hudson River School. What's significant is that the given piece stimulates something in the viewer beyond a basic admiration of its craftsmanship or a critique of its subject matter and intended meaning. Sometimes the most important variable is the experience the artwork provides to its audience.

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